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Emit "Spectre Music Of An Antiquiry" CD

Image of Emit "Spectre Music Of An Antiquiry" CD


Emit "Spectre Music Of An Antiquiry" CD

Emit has honed their unique brand of experimental, blackened delirium since the late ’90s, branching off from the lo-fi black metal band Ante Cryst. Their creepy, synth-heavy sound is unmistakably descended from black metal yet more deformed, combining harsh electronic noise, horror-movie soundtrack atmospherics, droning keyboards, wrecked and fractured guitars, and bizarre vocals. First released as an extremely limited cassette on Glorious North, Spectre Music of an Antiquary is the first new material from the British outfit in over five years, a full-length collection of murky ambience, deranged synth, ritualistic black drift and stranger forays into black noise. Here, Emit resembles some mutated, primitive ’80s dark wave ensemble possessed by malevolent spirits; the eerie electronic drones and distant, moaning vocals mark a new approach, though the results are no less weird or phantasmagoric. Like past Emit offerings, Spectre Music is more concerned with occult lore and the hidden history of the British Isles than Satanism or goat worship or any other overused black metal tropes, serving to enhance the wraithlike vibe of these songs. A must-hear for those into the murky, surrealistic blackness of Reverorum ib Malacht (a band that has shared members with Emit in the past), Yoga, Occultation, Uno Actu, Utarm and Dapnom, Spectre Music of an Antiquary is available from Crucial Blast on CD in digipack packaging featuring evocative, all-new artwork. --