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Demonologists "Acid Until I Rot" CD

Image of Demonologists "Acid Until I Rot" CD


"After more than a decade of existence, the United States based cult industrial blackened noise project Demonologists continues to move forward into 2017 with a new full length cd on Singapore based record label, 4iB, entitled "Acid Until I Rot". "Acid Until I Rot" as a creative work, is an homage of sorts, and is intended to be a conundrum, which can be taken both metaphorically, and literally. It's an anagram that now leads to nothing short of endless self torment, depression, and death obsession. There's nothing healthy behind the tracks presented here.

Based in Indiana, 2017 finds Demonologists in new form, with founding member Cory Rowell inviting Harko City comrade Evan Price into the fold. experimenting and pushing things further into the dissociative horror fueled abstract. Demonologists continue to expand on their brand of death fueled audio by blending harsh noise, haunting drones, horror electronics, and cinematic soundtrack work into a singular cohesive experience. "Acid Until I Rot" is the result of virtual decay, a reminder that things are not always what they seem.

In the end, there is nothing."